We've all been there. You've just sat down for journey somewhere - whether it be a long haul flight or a jaunt on the train - and then you see a parent with a young child... You start internally roaring at them to sit elsewhere, and invariably they end up sitting beside you. Not that that makes a huge difference - a wailing baby on a tin tube hurtling through the air or down a track for hours on end is a delight experienced by everyone on board. 

I relate to those who just want to relax with their book, but more recently I've become the one with the small child. The "dirty looks" and the general feelings of dread before travelling highlighted in the below video are relatable. The bright sparks at JetBlue airlines have decided to turn it into a positive - for Mothers' Day (and presumably for marketing purposes). On a flight packed with crying babies, they promised every passenger 25% off their next flight every time a child blubbed onboard. Four cries mean a free found trip.

Just watch those frowns turn upside down...

Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, we have Michael O'Leary wanting cyclists "taken out and shot"... Not quite so positive as PR stunts goes.