It's the end of an era as Adidas have decided to put an end to the famous Predator boot. 

The iconic boot was first invented by former Liverpool player Craig Johnston, a number of companies famously passed on the boot before Adidas took a chance on it in the 1990s, and the rest, as they say is history. 

Speaking of history, the boot itself is about to be made history (see what we did there) as Adidas are relegating the boot to the history books, as they plan to introduce a new range called the 'Ace' and the 'X'. In a short video, they teased the new boots, which will be properly unveiled next week. 

Via Who Ate All The Pies/Daily Mercato

Sad news for any of you out there who, like the Man Cave, fondly remember the earlier editions of the boot from your childhood, and firmly stick by the view that they are the best boots you've ever owned. 

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Via Who Ate All The Pies