The genius marketing campaign for Deadpool 2 continues.

Following on from his music video with Celine Dion, and in the wake of last night’s Eurovision semi-finals (we’re in lads, yes!), Deadpool took to social media last night to express his disgust at Canada (where actor Ryan Reynolds hails from) being left out of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He pointed out how Australia is included “when they’re barely on the planet”, concluding “You've awakened a sleeping moose. All the power of our 'military' - legally I have to use air quotes - but traffic cones and affordable healthcare will be coming at you hard.”

The video ends with a strange list of dates and European cities, most of which have passed, though London has three dates allotted for Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The dates don't line up with either the Eurovision semi-finals or Deadpool 2's European release dates so it’s anyone's guess what they mean.