Abdul Aziz al-Kassar is a fierce handsome sort and also extremely famous in The Middle East. When he goes out in public people get excited and want pictures etc. 

But this doesn't fly over too well with the authorities in Ridyah, Saudi Arabia, who did not want selfies and instead arrested him. 

To be fair, lads, we'd be bitter too. LOOK AT HIM. 

al-Kassar was extremely respectful in his response

"I did not expect to find so many people waiting for me. I want to clarify that the presence of young women at the mall was not something under my control." Adding, ‘When I stepped in, several fans came over and surrounded me until someone came over and pulled me aside into a room that I learned was reserved for the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice inside the mall."

The 'commission' also confiscated his phone. The only thing he objected to was that he wasn't warned by them. 

Via Metro