With the Apple iPhone 7 set to be launched in New York on Wednesday, the new features that the phone will boast may have already been revealed.

The report, which comes from the usually reliable KGI Securities, seems to have highlighted all of the new features that we can expect form the latest version of the iPhone. 

As had been heavily rumoured for a while now it seems Apple are indeed doing away with the ear phone jack in favour of the a wireless headphone model. More cynical observers will no doubt argue that this was introduced to force customers to use the Apple wireless earphones only. However some have commented that the real reason for doing away with the jack is so to improve the phone's water proof rating. 

The jack would be one of the main areas to take in water and by removing it is expected that the iPhone 7 would have a water proof rating on par with the Apple Watch which currently can currently stand being one meter deep in water for up to 30 minutes. 

More storage is another feature that's expected to be revealed with a 256GB storage option available for at least the iPhone 7 plus. 

Another expected feature is a 'flush' home button. The physical 'home' button will be removed and in it's place will be a pressure sensitive area. 

Perhaps the most exciting change is the new camera features that are being introduced. As well as a dual lens camera, the iPhone 7 is expected to have an optical zoom, that will together create far better images, and a flash to allow it to light up people's faces more realistically in pictures. These along with other features are expected to make the phone much better at taking pictures in the dark. 

The phone will be launched on September 7th and if Apple stick to form then it should be released to the public in roughly two weeks. 

Via Independent UK