Are we the only ones who have never seen/heard of this thing until this very moment?

The Costume Designers Guild Awards took place last night, but one of the nominees who did not take home an award was the Queen Bee.


Beyoncé was nominated for her music video for the song ‘Hold Up’, and wears a yellow dress in it that has pretty much become iconic. She was nominated in the Excellence in Short Form Design category, but lost out to Jude Law’s Pepsi commercial.

Known as “Momotaro,” the winning ad reimagined a Japanese folk tale, with Law playing an ex-monk who turns into a demon gladiator when he’s betrayed and banished by the village he protected. As the bad guy, Law battles the young warrior Momotaro (“Peach Boy”).

It’s completely f***ing random but you can’t deny that it is striking, and the costumes are pretty deadly.

Check it out here:


Plus Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’:



Via Vulture