Turns out there's nothing an Aussie finds funnier than Muff.

The contestants on 'Family Fortunes' are known for bringing comedy from the strangest of places (usually their ridiculous answers) but one family on the Australian version of the show tickled the nation on Sunday thanks to their Irish roots in the town of Muff in Donegal.

Host Grant Denyer was left in stitches after learning the name of the town contestant Caitlin Sheaffer and her family were from, and couldn't help but go all in on the innuendos that have followed the town around for decades.

The jokes kept coming throughout the episode and Australia must have some very loose rules on what can be said before the watershed (if they even have a watershed) because things got mighty filthy.

All that banter seems to have worked in their favour though as the Muff Sheaffer's walked away with $10,000, which should compensate for the years of dealing with the same jokes over and over.