If you're a watcher of daytime television, love word games and a bit of light entertainment banter, no doubt you'll be an avid fan of Countdown.

The Channel 4 programme is an institution at this point and usually provides a half-hour of wholesome entertainment for all the family to enjoy.

Of course, there have been times over the years when it hasn't been quite as wholesome (mostly when the letters come out in an amusing-if-filthy order) but those occasions usually happen by accident - which makes the most recent laugh-out-loud moment on the show all the better.

The letters conspired to spell out a swear word that Irish people will particularly appreciate, but we're not sure what's more impressive - that Susie Dent in the Dictionary Corner chose 'gobshite' as an example of an eight-letter word, or the fact that 'gobshite' is in the dictionary in the first place.

Either way, well played, Countdown - but surely you could have gone for nine with 'gobshitey'?