Indeed Ellen has been busy of late. Well, it is her "birthday week."

Not only did she motivate Justin Bieber to bare his soul, she also got the exclusive World premiere of Kanye's new video for Only One, starring his liddler North West. One could be forgiven for thinking this was directed by Kim (or even Kourtney, given the angle), but it is the work of esteemed director Spike Jonze

Highlights of note include North's face while in close proximity of a camera, Kanye's perennially pitch perfect autotuning, and the fact that he gets to put his hood up against the drizzle while North has to bare the elements (someone put a hat on the child, she'll catch her death!!). Oh, and Kanye being more concerned with rustling his bling against the mic than having the bants with the birthday girl...

Indeed that is one Paul McCartney on keyboard. That lad's gonna go far.