Most college students probably need to spend less time playing video games, but for a few at Colombia College, Missouri, it could actually be of benefit to them.

Madden NFL is great craic to play, we all know that, but for students in one particular college in Missouri, it could save them a large wedge of cash too if they're good at it. 

Why? Because Dr. Scott Dalrymple is going to host a Madden tournament on October 17th as part of a series of events to mark his inauguration, and students will battle it out for the chance to take on the Pres, with hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars worth of textbooks on the line. If the student manages to win, Dalrymple will foot the bill for all the books they need across their courses for the year. 

If only the dean of our university had offered to take us on in Pro Evo back in the day, we would have coasted our way to success on all those free text books. That crusty old dean was too boring though. Sigh...

Via Bleacher Report