99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...

Humanity has thrived thanks to our ingenuity and creativity, led by the best and brightest that our kind has to offer. These free-thinkers and groundbreaking geniuses have made strides that many thought impossible, others thought foolish, and some even claimed would be the damnation of us all.  

Because mankind are a diverse bunch, these great and daring people spread across a range of different fields, from business to medicine, and some even go into brewing, which is the case for a group of rare visionaries from Texas.

Why have we lavished them with so much praise? Well, because they have invented one of our greatest achievements as a race to date: The 99-pack of beer. Yes, that's right, 99, because 6/12/24 is not enough.

The pack itself is a limited edition costing $99.99 (no other price would have made sense), which is darn good value, and contains Peacemaker Ale from Austin Beerworks, a craft brewing company in Texas.

They reckon that because Peacemaker is designed to be had at any time, you're going to want to have a good few on hand, no matter where you are, so 99 was the right number. 

As they point out in the video however, you might want to bring a few mates to the shop if you're picking one of these up, as they're fairly awkward to carry solo...

Via ITV News