This may just be too cute to even handle watching. Sloths are adorable at the best of times, baby sloths are just precious beyond belief, but a baby sloth being raised by a teddy bear? We can't even.

Edward the baby sloth was born seven weeks ago but his mother stopped producing milk so was unable to care for him. These animals need to build up their muscles by holding onto their mum while feeding, so zookeeper Kelly-Anne Kelleher got a teddy bear from the gift shop and made it so it can hang from a branch and Ed can climb on and strengthen his limbs.

She also said how they are getting milk to him; "We’re bottle-feeding Edward every three hours with goat’s milk, topped up with some vitamins to keep him fit and healthy."

You can see him being fed by Kelly-Anne in the video below, teddy bear and all.

Oh and for added cuteness, he is called Edward after Johnny Depp's character in Edward Scissorhands as he has impressive claws. N'aww.

Meet Ed and Ted...