Our faith in humanity is restored, because someone made a wheelchair for a baby goat.

We're not exactly vets or anything, so we don't understand the fancy science talk about why Frosty the Snow Goat (what a name) can't use his back legs, but it's got something to do with toxins and puss. We'll leave that to one side and instead concentrate on the fact that he was found by the folks at Edgar's Mission in Australia and he was dehydrated and in bad shape. 

However, they nursed him back to health, but even with some antibiotics and their help, he was still unable to use his back legs, for the time being at least anyway. They needed to find a way to get him up and walking so he could flush out the toxins that were preventing him from ambling about, so they got him a specially designed wheelchair so that he could learn to walk. 

Frostie the Snow Goat from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.


Who gave him the lend of the wheelchair so he could learn to walk? Only a piglet named Leon Trotsky who enjoys wearing jumpers. 

Ah here, stop already.

Via Uproxx and Edgar's Mission