The transition from Child Actor to Grown Actor is a difficult one.

The transition can be difficult for some, primarily because they are so often and readily associated with a younger version of themselves that is no longer there. For others, it can be about managing the shift in roles from cute kids to, well, nothing.

Corey Feldman's had something of an interesting career, starring in the likes of The Goonies and Stand By Me, to... stuff like this. The former child actor's been tinkering away at his music career for quite some time, but it looks like he's making a GO 4 IT with his new single, GO 4 IT.

Yes. So, in promotion of said music career, Corey Feldman turned up on Today, a mid-morning show on US television that's known for being a little off-kilter in places.

That day, however, it went off. Take a look.

As you can imagine, the whole thing basically lit up the Internet and Corey Feldman has even acknowledged how odd the whole thing was.

Well, we say acknowledged, but it's more closer to him retweeting any and every compliment he's ever received about the performance. Really, just scroll through his Twitter feed and you'll see what we're talking about.

Incidentally, here's the album cover for his Angelic 2 The Core. He's got that number thing that Prince had. Neat. Let's hope we get a Corey Feldman set at next year's Electric Picnic or something.


Via Twitter