The grandchildren of Roger Baillon, a French entrepreneur, were fairly surprised when they came across a whole pile of cars that he had on his farmland. 

In fact, it was more of a collection really, containing around 60 automobiles, but these weren't just any cars. As it turns out, they were a series of unique and valuable classic automobiles that have been predicted to fetch at least £12 million (€15,183,657) at auction when they are sold off. 

Matthieu Lamoure (left) and Pierre Novikoff (right) who found the collection on the farmland

Pic via Bored Panda

Many of them are not in great condition, mainly because they were left to rust, hidden away on the farm for years. Baillon had intended to build a museum out of his collection, but needed to sell 50 of them before eventually just leaving the rest to their own devices.

Pics via Bored Panda

Included in the collection is a car once owned by Egyptian King Farouk, as well as a Ferrari that was used in a movie with Jane Fonda, and an incredibly rare Maserati, which is apparently one of only three in existence in the world. The collection dates from the early days of the automobile industry through to the 1970s, with plenty of classics along the way.

The cars will be put up for auction in February of 2015 and while the majority of the collection is expected to fetch some good money, any cars that are beyond repair will be used for spare parts. 

Via Bored Panda