Five year old Khloe Russel had been suffering from a suspected 'sinus infection' for six months before the real cause of her pain was discovered this past weekend. 

Khloe's uncle encouraged her to blow her nose and when she did out came a blackened and almost disintegrated safety pin. Khloe had put it up her (as kids do) months ago and had forgotten about it. She had been to several doctors and dentists and been prescribed antibiotics for the problem but to no avail. 

5-year old gets safety pin stuck up nose for 6 months

Doctors couldn't figure out why 5-year-old Khloe Russell constantly had a runny nose. Six months later, a 1.5-inch-long safety pin came out of the Hemet girl's nostril.

Posted by ABC7 on Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Khloe's mother, Katelyn Powell, has described how she's been receiving a lot of hate mail since the incident: "some of the most horrendous hate mail in regards to my parenting skills. I hope people can understand that this can happen to their children and that it doesn't make their children stupid for doing it or not saying anything after."