Remember being four years old and thinking you could go anywhere and do anything?

Annabelle, a 4-year old girl from Philadelphia in the US, loves slushies. They're those syrup / ice drinks you get at the cinema, FYI.

Anyhoo, the young lady is a big, big fan of the ice-drink and decided to leave her home in the middle of the night for one.

Dressing herself in a warm coat and snow-boots and completely unbeknownst to her Mam and Dad, the precocious young lady set out for syrupy goodness.

Boarding a bus at 3AM, young Annabelle happily told passengers - and the bus driver - that all she was after was a slushie.

Thankfully, both the passengers and the bus driver had the good sense to contact police and she was quickly reunited with her parents.

Did she end up getting a slushie in the end? Here's the news report.


Via YouTube