Talk about totes awkie momos.

Artist Tatia Pilieva decided to make a short film featuring ten pairs of strangers kissing for the first time in what we think might be a sneaky viral ad (seeing that as of writing it stands at 785k views on YouTube) but is being dubbed as an art film. What it isn't being dubbed is how completely awkward the whole exchange leading up to everyone getting the wear is. And then some of them are real goers (headphones may be a mistake for this one).

Prepare to cringe like you've never cringed before. And giggle at how relatable it is. And then feel a bit weird about people seeing you watching people kissing on the internet. And then having to awkwardly explain that it's art and the internet and you're not a weirdo and why would anyone think that, it's just kissing, God, people can be so judgmental, whatever anyway you've work to do so they should totally just leave you alone.

Just FYI.  

Via Twitter/Vimeo