What were you up to when you were two? If you say anything other than barely controlling your bowels, then we'll have to ask you to stop lying to us.

Oratilwe Hlongwane, better known perhaps as DJ AJ, is a two-year-old human child who has shown us all that while we were sitting there watching endless episodes of Pob, we should have been learning to do something useful, like mastering the decks.

Oratilwe's father, Refiloe, is a DJ himself and has a full DJ set up in his home, where AJ first showed his skills. A video of him mixing and dropping some beats went viral in South Africa, getting him plenty of attention on Facebook, where he now has over 25,000 fans.

At a young age (comparative to him being two, remember) he was able to master the DJ app on an iPad, and his father believes that the skills he learned there helped him to transition to the full size set up.

He's still got a bit of a way to go before he signs a record deal, but the family have already been getting sponsorship offers and requests for the young rising star to make some special appearances at events and gigs. For the moment however, they're not putting too much pressure on AJ and say that they won't force him to keep up his DJing if he doesn't want to. You never know, he might give up the turntables to pursue his real childhood dream of becoming a chartered accountant.

Via Uproxx