Something tells us that the cat wasn't too thrilled to be there, though. 

The holiday season is about getting together, putting your differences aside and sitting down to a nice meal where everyone can be civil and just enjoy each other's company. That includes cats and dogs, the notorious sworn enemies, who came together in the name of advertising Freshpet pet food. 

The short video shows all the diners enjoying a festive feast (except the cat) and doing so using human hands, which for some reason that we can never identify fully, will always be funny. From the texting teen to that one relation who leaves you a few forks shorter than what you started with, the whole family is in the Christmas spirit at this table, and enjoying Freshpet, of course.

This has drawn comparisons to John Oliver's rather fantastic Supreme Court sketch, involving only dogs, but we still think that one takes the (doggy) biscuit.

Via Mashable