It’s hard to believe that it was so long ago but it really has been a decade since Chris Crocker took to YouTube, screaming at the world for disrespecting Britney Spears.

Crocker went on to become a viral sensation for his words, though he was mocked rather than celebrated by most.


Crocker took to Twitter to mark the anniversary and shared a sweet message about everything he has learned from the experience of being an internet star.

He shares a number of life lessons, which include “to not let the things people say about you online get to you”, “don’t let the words other people say about you define you,” “be cautious when you post things” and “let the haters kick rocks.”

He also talks about the difficult circumstances he had to overcome ten years ago, including his mum becoming homeless and having addiction issues after returning from serving in Iraq: “I knew that if I tried to explain that then no one would listen to me, so instead what I decided was ‘Oh if they think I’m a joke, then I’m going to act like a joke’ – that didn’t help me out in the long run.”


Tweeters were hugely positive to the post:







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