10 years ago today, Guy Goma accidentally found himself on live television talking about something he knew very little about.

Now you might argue that there are plenty of people speaking on TV about things they don't know very much about but Guy was a special case. 

A Business Studies graduate, Guy Goma turned up at BBC Studios for a job interview and was quickly rushed to set. The producers confused him for tech expert Guy Kewney and Goma was on live TV before he realised what was happening. 

BBC News Blunder Guy Goma from Instep UK on Vimeo.

We can all relate to that moment where he realises what's happening. 

Despite his lack of expertise, Guy made a relatively astute prediction when he said that everybody would be downloading music online soon. Although he was able to take his job interview afterwards, his application was unsuccessful. 

Guy became a bit of an overnight celebrity as a result of the broadcast, appearing on Have I Got News for You, Friday Night with Johnathan Ross and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. He also inspired an episode of Graham Linehan's sitcom, The IT Crowd. 

Via The Sun