BLAST! I entirely forgot about Dani Behr yesterday when rambling about who'd be next out of the bush, which says something in itself. Carly did join her in the bottom two, however - I did manage to remember her *shines nails*... just about.

The person who wrangled the largest fee out of all the contestants (she landed a cool £40k, a full ten grand more than Martina, who's earning the next steepest fee at £30k), was one of the more innocuous individuals present. She didn't get her kit off much (which is grand 'cause she's a mother and FAR too skinny to be construed as sexy in my book), so she needed to compensate in the personality department. A task she failed miserably.

The Behr did not come across as a likeable character - displaying traits alarmingly akin to deviousness and possessiveness, coupled with immaturity. For example, don't keep talking to someone during an immunity task, when they've specifically asked you not to, in an attempt to distract them. Once she bumped off poor George with her constant patter, Esther was next on the hit list, and the Behr knew tailored talk of deep-filled deli sandwiches would soon put the 68-year-old off her game. In short, will she be missed? Probably not. Then again, perhaps the editors went to great pains only to show her downsides. Here's Robert Kilroy-Silk expand on that:

"I haven't seen the show and I won't. I have to move on now - but from what I've heard it doesn't bear a lot of reality to what I saw in the camp. I'm sure everybody in there would say that and how they've not been featured in their best light. There have been loads of funny anecdotes that haven't been shown. George has been full of amazing stories, as have I and Esther and Dave. Apparently, you've seen none of my relationship with Dave (indeed we haven't, I was surprised when Robert kept gushing about DVD during his exit interview). I also gather I disappeared from the screen during the last couple of days - and so did George. He may not be as noisy or as ebullient as everybody else, but he's there. And Joe has a great thirst for knowledge. He's aware he has missed out on his education, so he would ask questions about the war and the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall coming down. He takes it all in - and at the same time."