A new study has revealed where the best place in the world to live is, and unfortunately it's not on our fair shores. 

We all really want the good life, a place where we can enjoy living without worrying about money, our health, our safety, or any other number of concerns that would form our opinion on our surroundings. The OECD wants to know where that is, and using a whole load of data based on education, jobs, income, safety, health, environment, civic engagement, and access to broadband and housing, they've come up with an answer that can be proven using data in their latest report

The place that topped the charts across all those categories is Canberra, Australia, and when it came to the best countries overall, the Aussies also ranked top of the pile. Norway, Canada, Sweden and the United States rounded out the top five, while Mexico finished bottom of the list, scoring less than one out of 10 across six of the categories measured. The other countries at the bottom of the list were Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Turkey. 

Ireland sits 16th out of the countries ranked on the Better Life Index, and is broken down in to a few different regions, with the Border, Midland and Western region trumping the Southern and Eastern in the overall score. Ireland also ranks among the top ten countries in several of the topics, but not enough to get us up to the top like Australia. 

We didn't see a category marked "brutal weather" though, so that might also be a consideration when ranking the best place to live. Sure, it rains here a good bit, but there's an awful lot of sun in Australia. You'd be too warm, sure.

Via The New York Times. Main pic via HD Wallpapers