There are a lot of jobs out there that inherently involve some form of risk, and new figures have shown what the most dangerous of those occupations is. 

The figures, which were compiled by Bloomberg from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics dated between 2006 and 2013, detail how many workers in a certain industry (per 100,000) die on average every year in the United States, and also provides figures on what people get paid to do these incredibly dangerous jobs. 

At the top of the chart is being a fisherman, where 132 lives are lost per 100,000 workers, while some more surprising placings on the list show that being a garbageman is more dangerous than being a fire fighter, as is being a taxi driver or a chauffeur. The chart highlights the deaths (the red bar) and the salary (the yellow dot) that people earn doing those jobs. 

Via BroBible/Bloomberg

Other jobs that are not only dangerous but pay terribly are being an agricultural worker (near the very bottom of the pay scale) and being a logger, as they die more often than police or firefighters, but are paid much less.

Judging by this we should have been either a construction manager or a business and financial operator. "Journalists" (we know, ideas above our station, etc.) don't appear on the list, so you should assume that we will live forever and make millions every year. 

Via BroBible. Main pic via New Old Stock