Want to know how much you’ll have to pay for a shower once the water charges come in?

The inevitable water charges that will have us all complaining about even more things in the near future are headed out way, but there has been very little clarity on how much, exactly, we can expect to be forking over.

According to The Irish Times, we have a slightly better idea now, after they crunched some numbers on the loose figures provided by Environment Minister Phil Hogan.

"The Minister has said that the average household using 140,000 litres of water a year will pay €240 in charges after receiving a free allocation of 30,000 litres... which works out at 0.22 cent per litre." That’s all well and good, but what does it mean for your average punter on the street? What are all these numbers and how can we understand them?

Essentially, if you're taking a bath, you will probably use around 80 litres of water, which means you can expect to be paying 16 cent, while a shower could cost as much as 25c, so perhaps the days of cramming all the kids in to the tub in one go are on their way back in. bath selfies will probably be a thing soon after, we imagine.

Furthermore, the Department of the Environment assumes that the average person uses 51,000 litres of water each year which works out at about €102 per person, which may be a more realistic figure to go by.

One of the biggest uses of water in the home is in fact the toilet, and with around 8 litres being used every time you flush, your next trip to the loo could cost you 1.6c, so it might be best to put a little collection box outside the bathroom.

Via The Irish Times