One of the biggest celebrities to successfully journey their way all around Europe this year has been spotted alive and well on their journey back home to the chilly Arctic.

Wally the Walrus has been confirmed to be journeying his way north of Iceland, just 22 days after being spotted down around Clonakilty Bay in West Cork.

The Arctic Walrus, who became a European icon this past summer, was first seen off the coast of Kerry on Valentia Island back in March. You might remember that the sighting led to this unforgettable RTÉ News report featuring excitable local residents.

He then successfully made his way around Europe, journeying to England, Wales, Spain, France, and then back to Ireland at the end of August.

Now it has been confirmed that Wally the Walrus is making his way home to the Arctic. Seal Rescue Ireland, a charity dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating seals in need, has gotten word of the plucky seal's most recent sighting around Scandanavia.

The charity shared the joyous news on Facebook: "After 22 days with no confirmed sightings, we were starting to lose hope of ever seeing the young, wandering walrus again. HOWEVER, we just received notice that a similar-looking walrus was sighted yesterday in ICELAND over 900 km away from Wally's last known location in West Cork."

Wally has been recognised due to the scars he has on his front flippers. The post continues: "After conferring and comparing photos with our friends at British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), it has been confirmed that THIS IS WALLY!

"Notice the similar scars on the front of both front flippers in the second image. We are absolutely over the moon that he's not only still alive and well, but he is well on his way home to the Arctic. He was seen swimming back out to sea last night (and even managed to avoid sinking any boats while he was there)!"

Until next time Wally the Walrus, until next time; it's not "goodbye", only "see you soon".