A load of folk who've not touched off a crisp in yonks, yet still managed to resemble over-baked goods, attended the Walkers 'What's That Flavour' - launch party last night.

Assuming they were invited as they each represent a different flavour: we have Jessica Jane Clement (Stuffed Chicken Fillet flavour) and her hairdresser fiancé Lee Stafford (Mutton Dressed As Lamb flavour), Caggie Dunlop (her parents need to be shot. Based on her name alone, she's Clotted Cream and Coddle flavour) and Millie Mackintosh (Roasted Chicken Thigh), Olivia Lee and her mate (Cheese and Onion), Chloe Sims (Exotic Dumplings flavour), Amy Childs (Sundried Tomato flavour), Harry Derbridge (Streaky Rasher flavour), and Walker's Crisp figurehead - yes, that's you - Gary 'Roast Beef' Lineker.