As you're all aware, the TV Now Awards took place in balmy form on Saturday evening in The Mansion House (review of which is here)

We could inform you of the winners, but we don't want to detract from tonight's viewing experience (that and we couldn't find a list of who won what anywhere...); the ceremony will be shown by TV3 from 8.00pm tonight. Keep an eye out for many a sweating celeb (it was roasters in there by all accounts), and an ear out for one cracking joke by Kathryn Thomas...

Speaking of Rosanna Davison, she thought it appropriate to turn up to the event while getting serviced by a friendly serpent. Elsewhere, Katherine Kelly, AKA Becky off Corrie, came direct from a high-powered business lunch circa 1987, while Michelle Keegan dipped herself in the same substance that host for the evening - Glenda Gilson - rolled herself about in, while Beverly Callard presented herself alongside RTE presenters, old, older and older still. 

For many (many) photos of Jedward doing their daily aerobics, as well as further red carpet happenings - including tangofied delights, howling harpieswindswept weather women, crazed fans and the odd cavewoman - do visit our extensive gallery in Caught Out.