If 2013 was the year of horse meat scandals, it looks like 2014 is set to be the one of the fox (which is actually kind of ironic as it'll be the Chinese Year of the Horse in about a month).

According to Reuters, Wal-Mart in China has had to recall its 'Five Spice' donkey meat, which is apparently quite a popular meat, in some regions after it was found to contain the DNA of other animals, one of which was fox. Yes, those adorable urban scavengers were mashed up in their donkey meat, and we don't even want to know how.

The Chinese food market is worth more than $1 trillion, with Wal-Mart planning opening 110 new stores there in the coming years, and is the largest grocery market in the world so understandably the people at Wal-Mart are quick to apologise, blaming the supplier factory and promise it won't happen again.

Still, makes you wonders what those other four spices were...