Remember the story we brought you last week, about Wagner's groping and outrageous behaviour towards a granny? Well, there's more, and the following news really doesn't come as a surprise, but it is making me cock my head to the right and question the Brazilian.

This comes from that lot who name themselves after an obscene hour of the morning (that being 3am). According to them stationed at The Mirror, Wagner has be ejected from the X Factor house and planted in the nearest Holiday Inn (it's located in Elstree, if any of you are interested and costs £31 a night). The action was taken by the powers that be as there have been a number of arguments in the house and it appears Vawgnaaar (said in my best X Factor voice over voice) was the one who's creating the horrible tension so, this way, he can just concentrate on his 'singing' rather then the fighting.

Apparently, this is what a 'source' had to say: "Production have been getting lots of complaints about Wagner from the other singers and other staff, and just thought 'enough is enough'. The final straw was after another row with One Direction got heated this week. He has threatened them physically before so they couldn’t take any chances (did he say he would throw them over his knee and spank them?). Wagner already had a final warning and even blew that. The easiest thing was to get him out of the house in an attempt to get some harmony in there and less rows and friction. He is the main reason there have been arguments on an almost daily basis. Wagner is far from popular with any of the other contestants, and has annoyed members of production with his attempts at flirting and his expectations of what he should be allowed to say and do. He shouts at the other contestants and some of the females in the house feel he has made some inappropriate comments and don’t feel comfortable around him (sounds familiar). Perhaps now he is away on his own, it will bring him back down to earth and he’ll think about his behaviour."

Again, I'm not overly shocked at this. He kisses Louie when his name is called on the live results show, he constantly looks like he wants to lick Dermot's face when he is calling out his telephone number and likes to enclose Konnie's hand on her microphone every time she interviews him and each of these three people look very, VERY uncomfortable in his presence. I don't think those dancers help him much either, maybe Louis should simmer down and tell them not to ass shimmy in his face anymore, that surely can't be helping his hormones.

-Alicia Coyle

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