Late last night Vogue Williams, 25, announced her engagement to Brian McFadden over twitter. She tweeted: "I'm engaged!!delighted!!". 

The pair met last April, here in the home sod and have been inseparable ever since. They have shown off the engagement ring in this week’s OK Magazine. McFadden said he knew he wanted to marry Williams soon after meeting her. An old romantic really isn't he.... 

"It’s early (to be engaged) when you think about how long we’ve been together, but not when you consider the amount of time we’ve spent together… we’ve literally spent every second of every day together for eight months now," he said. McFadden said unlike his lengthy engagement to Goodrem, there will be a wedding - in Europe - this year.

While McFadden had planned to be a “hermit” after the split with Delta Goodrem, but he instantly fell for Williams. Isn't Vogue a lucky girl. This flop star has his heart set on her now. Let's see how long this engagement lasts!! 

As Brian is such a gent - he has informed Goodrem, who is now dating US singer Nick Jonas, of his engagement, and Williams had done the same to her ex-boyfriend. 

"We’ve let (our exes) know out of respect," McFadden told OK. "They both went 'Great, as long as you’re happy' because they’re both happy as well and have moved on. We don’t have any nasty 'ex' animosity with our recent partners."

McFadden will release a new single, Wrap My Arms, next month. Surprise Surprise. 

Catherine Egan