Christmas ads are always hard to get right and this year we haven't had the best bunch. However, Vodafone released theirs this morning and we must say, it's gotten us all a bit emotional.

The ad follows a woman coming home to her Irish hometown for the holidays from working in London. She bumps into an old friend and they develop a long-distance relationship.

However, it doesn't seem to work out and he's seemingly left alone for Christmas. BUT WAIT, he only bumps into her on the street one night, not expecting to see her.

Turns out she wanted to surprise him and she bought a shop in town, meaning she's staying for good.

Ah, it warms the cockles, it really does. We're sure it hits home with a lot of Irish people of a certain generation who've had to emigrate abroad, leaving friends and partners behind.

The only advice we can give is to have tissues at the ready when watching this one.

Bravo, Vodafone.