Virtual reality is the next big thing by the looks of it, but the market for chickens might not be booming just yet.

Facebook recently splashed out on buying Oculus Rift, the biggest name in virtual reality headsets at the moment, because they realised the potential in that area, and how exciting it can be. However, they may not have envisaged just how far it can go after one tech-farming (we've just invented that word) company has decided that they want to make virtual reality a real reality...for chickens. 

it seems they are going on more than a wing and a prayer, however, as Second Livestock want to bring Virtual Free Range to life with the headsets (pictured above) that can allow the animals to experience the free range world without having to have all the space needed to do so. 

However, it turns out that the whole thing is not a real product (we're as disappointed as you) but rather intended to get us to think about our use of technology and our treatment of animals. The man behind the project, Austin Stewart, an assistant professor in Iowa State University's College of Design, told The Ames Tribune that the goal of the project was to raise that question of "how do we know what’s best, or what is humane treatment, and also to look at how we treat ourselves. We’re living in these little boxes, just like chickens."

Still, Zuckerberg has some spare cash handy, we reckon he should get working on this for the laugh, if nothing else. 

Via Cnet