Well, this is slightly embarrassing.

If you were watching Virgin Media News yesterday evening, you may have seen their report on a 'mysterious hole' that had appeared on Portmarnock beach in Dublin.

"A local astronomy enthusiast is hoping the crater in Portmarnock could be the aftermath of a cosmic event," they said, as the news item interviewed a local man who was "certain" that a rock inside the hole was an asteroid that "came from above".

A number of passers-by on the beach stopped to take photos with the hole after they learned that it could be due to an asteroid.

However, his theory was debunked after a Twitter user shared a video of a group of lads digging the same hole with kids' spades the previous day.

Needless to say, Irish Twitter is having a field day, with many sharing condolences for the local astonomy enthusiast in question.

Dave, don't feel bad - it could happen to anyone. And in fairness, it is an unusual looking hole, all told.