Indeed I am rather late to the party... that's because - like most of you reading - the closest I got to the awards themselves was watching them on TV3 last night.

The usual garb to this soiree involves a sea of sequins, lots of plumage, and more frills than you could shake a fist at. There were some, however, who broke free from the mould - and they're to be applauded... for good or for ill.

First up, we had Roz Purcell in a lady tux (which she designed herself. Didn't you know she designed it herself? She used her time on the stage accepting an award to inform people that she designed it herself).

We had Today FM's Louise Duffy in an over sized art-Tee, who Darren Kennedy suspected was designed by Joanne Hynes. Either way, she had pair of cracking pins out, a welcomed rarity at these functions.

You can always count on Sonya Lennon to be a bit different, it's just a shame that her glasses/welding mask have a habit of overshadowing whatever she chooses to wear.

Holly Carpenter
deserves a mention thanks to her rather sexual jumpsuit. Shame it's consuming her feet and it may have worked better in navy, but kudos for at least trying something different.

We want to like Mairead Farrell's offering, especially as she had it custom made to be floor length (it started life as a cocktail dress), but instead of looking structured it looks more like a large space suit by way of Jane Jetson. If she'd worn something like the below, she would've looked an absolute knockout.

Behold Love/Hate's Aoibhin Garrihy looked refreshingly whimsical in a casual crop top and skirt combo.

Vogue Williams definitely stood out in what appears to be very fancy scuba gear....

We'd also like to give a hats off to Michelle Heaton who not only managed to stay awake long enough to attend the awards (she had a baby a matter of weeks ago), but she also wriggled in to not one, but two, pair of Spanks for the occasion. Now that's commitment.

Conor McGregor also warrants a nod given the shapes he'll throw to ensure he never gets charged for a Louis Copeland suit... You'd want to have a lot of room round the gusset area for such a manoeuvre. Just saying.

Winners at The Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2014