Last Friday evening, I tore myself away from post work beverages to interview the co-writer and star of Couples Retreat, Vince Vaughn, at the Gala Screening in Dublin's Savoy theatre (the videos of which can be seen here)

As well as vaulting a few questions at Vaughn - which wasn't easy considering, A:  he's approximately two foot taller than me (the repeated upward thrusting of my arm is testament to that fact), and B:, there was one lady rather intent on getting his attention ("Viiiiiiince... Viiiiiiiiinniiiee... Torn around, Viiiiiiincent. VIIIIIICENT! Pleeeeease... TORN AROUUUND, VINCENT! LOOK ARRRAHMEEE, VIIIIIIIIIINCENT! etc. she's in the second video. Her perseverance paid off) - we also talked to Lorraine Keane, who's always good for a banter, and the film's director, Peter Billingsly.

Alas, we didn't target Rosanna Davidson as she "arrived late". The last time we recall her arriving late was at the red carpet for The Jameson Dublin Film Experience with Clive Owen. She turned up just as Owen was walking up the carpet, and was therefore photographed with him for her troubles. This time, not so lucky. Again, she arrived on the tardy side, just as Vaughn was walking up the carpet. However, instead of getting to saunter up beside/be photographed with him, she was ordered to walk up the back way. This is where she dutifully posed for the Caught Out photographer, all the while apologetically saying "I'm sooo late!". She then spent a few awkward moments sandwiched between the radio / print press people and the front door, before being allowed squeeze onto the red carpet via a barrier - once Vaughn had made his way inside the venue. Ah well.

For all the other photographs from the evening, make your way to Caught Out.