The ex-Motley Crue frontman could now face up to six months in jail.

Neil previously served 10 days of a 15-day jail sentence in 2011 for drunk driving. He was also filed against for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend but escaped sentence.

The charge is in relation to an incident that occurred last April in Las Vegas at the Aria hotel.

Vince reportedly grabbed a female autograph seeker by the hair and pulled her to the ground.

According to Vince, the woman was first aggressive with him and he only pushed her to the ground.

However, surveillance footage from the scene allegedly proved he did manhandle the woman.

After this, Neil and Nicolas Cage, who were having lunch together and were apparently intoxicated, got into a physical altercation outside the Aria.

Nic can be heard telling Neil to ‘stop this shit now’ in the footage, which can be seen below:


Neil is due in court later this month.