There are some things that may not initially feel like they're especially Irish or patriotic, but it always feel very real when you see it.

The more obvious things would be, for example, being in a completely foreign country and - out of nowhere - hearing an Irish accent. Knowing the difference between certain crisps and knowing which is better.

Vienetta, which by its very nature is not Irish in that it's an ice-cream and has an Italian-sounding name, is distinctly Irish. It featured in thousands, if not millions of Irish childhood birthday parties and major events.

So what happens when you cross Vienetta being made in a factory with the music of, say, 'Riverdance' and the main belt of music from it.

Why, you get the most Irish video on social media this month. It's so patriotic that you could take to the hills with Cillian Murphy and Liam Neeson to defend the land.

How is it that this one video, featuring the industral manufacturing of soft dessert ice-cream cakes and diddly-aye music from a Eurovision half-time act can create something that is so representative of our nation?