We've all been there - you're exiting a shop or supermarket with your bands absolutely laden down with bags, and lo-and-behold the security alarm starts beeping.

Granted, nine times out of 10 you might look around to see if anyone notices and keep going out of the shop determined not to cause too much of a scene.

For one unfortunate shopper in Scotland recently however, they were the victim of a devilishly good prank by a couple of young lads.

Josh Westgarth has taken to Twitter to upload a video he and a friend recorded outside of UK store Asda over the Christmas, and the video has racked up an impressive 1.4 million views in just one day.

Captioning the video "Just a bit of fun", he and a friend trick a unsuspecting woman into thinking her trolley full of items keeps setting off the security tagger as she tries to exit the supermarket.

As the two young lads video the woman walking backwards and forwards through the exit, its their ability to try and hold in their laughter that makes the video so funny.

Josh spoke to Scotland's Daily Record, saying that the woman in question saw the funny side to their successful prank: "I saw her coming and was sitting on this scooter left outside the shop waiting on my pal.

"I couldn't resist having a rip at it. She didn't get angry though! Her and the Asda worker knew we were just some silly kids having a wee laugh on a Saturday night."