Forget the Secretary of Defence, Tim Howard was getting phone calls from none other than Barack Obama himself this week too. 

We've already seen that Tim Howard was getting praise from team-mates, the internet and Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel this week thanks to his heroics in goal for the US Soccer team, but while all that's well and good, it's not the same as getting a call from the big man himself, Barack Obama.

The President took a bit of time out of his schedule to call Howard and Clint Dempsey, both of whom played fantastically against Belgium, and were unlucky to see their side bow out.

But that's not all, Tim Howard fans, as the internet has been hard at work to dig up some stuff about their new-found hero, and they got their hands on his yearbook photo, which has the most apt and fantastic quote underneath it, possibly taken from the title of a Public Enemy album...


Pic via Uproxx


Tim will surely be welcomed home like the hero that he is when he lands back on US soil after the team return from Brazil, but we must admit that we were sad to see Team USA bite the dust.

Via UpRoxx and BuzzFeed.