It's elevenses. Time for a tea break and a gander at the Victoria Secret Catwalk Show perchance?

Yes, they're totally unaffordable, and so is the underwear, but it's always nice to look at the pretty people having a laugh in their pants. It's their reason for being, so let's throw them a bone, shall we?

So here we have lots of leggy sorts dwarfing Fall Out Boy, who can't believe their luck, and what appears to be the American version of Little Mix (think they go by the name Neon Jungle, or something). Taylor Swift is also there, looking well chuffed to be blending in so well with the models.

As with all Victoria Secret shows, the above acts performed onstage while the genetically gifted sashay past them, sporting some back crippling contraption (which is meant to make you want to buy scanties), while their bottom wibbles just the acceptable amount.

See more of this phenomenon of our time in the gallery below. You can also see Backstage Action *waggles eyebrows* from the show here.