Victoria Beckham is determined to have a better 40th birthday party than Kate Moss, in which case, she'd want to start getting people drunk in some yurts immediately. She also might want to track down Liam Gallagher to nasally drone some salutations at her.

The 39-year-old designer is keen to put on a "high quality" spread - which will take place in April - after watching the supermodel go all-out on her milestone birthday over the weekend. In fact, there are reports that some guests are still going now.

A source said: "She's not holding back at all. Victoria was actually slightly dreading it before Christmas, but she has since been inspired by Kate Moss... Mossy embraced the milestone birthday last week, and now Posh wants to do the same."

The former Spice Girl wants to host a bash in London and Los Angeles so that all of her showbiz friends (read Eva Longoria) can attend and is planning on spending a hefty £100,000 to entertain her guests.

Apparently she's already arranged for Gordon Fakin' Ramsay to prepare the party food, but she's keen to spend most of her budget on buying posh hooch.

The source told the Daily Star: "She wants it to be one to remember with everyone she knows there. Gordon Ramsay has agreed to organise all the food for her too. But Vic plans to spend most of the party money on high quality alcohol."

That's it. If in doubt, get them sloshed.