Don'tcha just love how blissfully unaware Victoria Beckham sounds at times? Lets take her recent interview with Larry King: "I'm constantly getting soccer balls kicked at me. They actually put me in goal and they all just kick footballs at me. I'm the goalie of the family!" Yes. A goalie. Not a willing target. Actually, when you think about it, she'd be a gifted goalie given she's got two additional heads. When asked about those pregnancy rumours, she said to Larry: "I have got three boys at the moment that are hard work. They are very, very active (kicking balls at mummy). I think at some point a little girl would be great but at the moment I want to enjoy the children that I've got." Yeah, I mean at least the boys won't grow up to be prettier than you... then again... Of her perennial pout in photos: "I have quite a dry sense of humour. I think that is just the way I look in pictures. I know I do look very miserable and I do have to try and smile more, which is ironic really, because I'm quite a funny person." What's ironic about not smiling 'cause you hate your teeth, despite being quite a funny person.