Victoria Beckham has apparently gone under the knife, again, but this time it was to have her two BFF's reduced. Mrs Beckham was sick of her old WAG look and decided that it was time to look more like a 30 something year old mother of 3, rather then a tangoed big boobed, super skinny ma.

According to The Sun sources said "Victoria had the operation three weeks ago and is very pleased with the result and is now recovering in France".
Now this is not the first time she has had cosmetic surgery as she has had not one but two enlargements, *gasps sarcastically*, during her pop star days with The Spice Girls and also after the girl band split. But if I'm not mistaken, didn't she always claim that she never had any work done and that her lady features were au natural??

Personally, I think it is due to the fact that a few years ago, a scientist claimed Posh Spice had the worst boobs in the business. Obviously she had his words implanted in her brain and was scared for life! *Jazz hands*

In some other Beckham Clan news, Abbie Gibson who was  former nanny for the couple, has publicly apologised to Victoria and David for a story that she sold to the News of the World titled, 'Beckham's behind close doors' (even though she signed a contract stating that she would not talk to the press). In this she claimed that golden balls wanted to make like a banana and split when Victoria was in bits over allegations that he had cheated. Gibson also apologised and said that David did not make any threatening calls to her. So, after all that money that she received she realised that she could not win over the power that be D&V. I wouldn't mess with them, even if he sounds like he's had one to many footballs in the nether regions.

- Alicia Coyle

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