Rumours flew around the internet this weekend that Victoria and David Beckham were set to divorce after a bookmaker suspended betting on the demise of their marriage.

According to numerous outlets, there is no statement forthcoming on the divorce of the Beckhams. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail cites an inside source that says the couple joked about the rumours, adding that Victoria "found the whole thing very funny. They have had a sense of humour about this because it’s so ridiculous."

The couple, who'll be married 20 years next year, are due to appear on the cover of Vogue as part of a spread on the family and interviews with Victoria, David, Harper, Cruz, Brooklyn and Romeo as part of it. Initial talk of the couple's divorce began when Paddy Power suspended betting, prompting circulating rumours on the topic. Reps for the Beckhams told that the rumours are "just fake social media news."

There you have it, folks. Nothing to see here. Move along.