It's just one of those days, when you have to cobble together a gallery out of three other galleries 'cause everything's just a bit scant on the tarmac (although I do have a gallery from the opening night of Tribeca in the works, Kim Cattrall is still dressing mumsy…)

For example, ITV and BBC have whittled up some PR for their shows thanks to the front page of The Sun - by way of Simon Cowell's continuously ajar yapper. The gospel according to Cowell today declares that Jessie J "is a secret lesbian." Why would she secretly a lesbian when she's openly bisexual? Why am I even asking?

So here we have Julianne Hough, Busy Phillips and Kim Kardashian in the discarded skin of a metallic reptile at the 2012 US Hot Hollywood Party in L.A. Down the road in Hollywood, Katy Perry was showcasing her bralessness (yes *gasps* your strap is down) while conversing with the little people at the 29th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards. Ne-Yo, Peter Frampton and Steven Tyler's long lost twin Carly Simon were also there, hence why Perry generated the most fuss. And because she kept fondling her own arse.

Finally, also in L.A., Julia and Emma Roberts actually managed to be photographed side by side (I'm assuming that's Emma's mother given they're the bulb off each other) at the premiere of Jesus Henry Christ. Martin Sheen was also there.

And that's yer lot for now.