Women are powerful, didn't you know? Especially when they're gorgeously groomed and have gargantuan pay packets for essentially doing bugger all.

For the past three years, Variety have been celebrating The Power of Women. In short, they know if they put on a red carpet event and invite a load of beautiful ladies for "lunch", hacks like me will talk about it, 'cause who doesn't like looking at well-dressed attractive sorts? The end result: Variety, and several other sponsors, will get a mention in a slew of publications. Job done.

Those celebrating the Power of Women were Olivia Wilde, Lea Michele, Loretta Devine, Demi Moore (who's friends with Eva Longoria and, eh, Amanda De Cadenet [my phantom nemisis considering she married John Taylor]),  Noa Tishby, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ricki Lake, Mary J. Blige, Annette Bening and her doting hubby Warren Beatty.

See, they're not splitting up.