Wow. That's one lucky giant Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor. Photographer Patrick Demarchelier could consider himself lucky also. Hey, we're all lucky feckers right about now. 

Back in July, J Law partook in a photo shoot to accompany this interview for Vanity Fair, which involved a large snake being delicately positioned over her posterior. Vanity Fair have now come across with some deets regarding the shoot.

Seemingly, when faced with a massive snake: "The actress proved to be very brave and nonchalant about having a serpent wrapped around her body - an homage to the 1981 Richard Avedon Vogue portrait of Nastassja Kinski that launched a million dorm-room posters... Lawrence only became uncomfortable when the snake took a fancy to her neck. Then the shoot was over and Mr. Boa went back into his box." Which, in case you're concerned was "perforated, extra-large storage container" and came complete with "two very capable handlers."

V.F. fashion and style director Jessica Diehl, who styled the shoot, added: "Jennifer has the perfect combination of strength, sexuality, and humor, and, above all, tomboy to pull this off." 

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