Behold yet more Valentine's Day related pictures, this time from London.

It might be fitting for me to seize this opportunity to apologise to Jessica Biel for being so harsh about her dress. My sole girl crush has, in fact, crushed me with her outfit choice.

Hello Jessica Number One (Jessica Number Two is, of course, Biel). Given you have a face of a goddess, you can carry any hectic pattern off, especially when it's this close in proximity. Moving down, however, instills a sense of "Oh. Puffball. Gingham puffball. OK." But you can still carry it off. Descending further, quite frankly, you're pushing it. This footwear will be the stuff of ridicule in those "Oh, d'you remember the awful crap we used to wear, HAH!" type articles. Your poor toes are in need of warmth (stoppit), and is it ever anyone's intent to look this stumpified?

As for Demi, her dress wanted to achieve flight, much to the bemusement of Ashton (that or he's saying "Hey, what's up with those?! I thought you were getting them done too?") while Emma Roberts looked as pretty as a picture. Then again, I'm a sucker for understatement.

Unlike this lot. Or these...